Learning How to Fish


I believe it was Confucius that said “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

I have never been as concerned about my children’s futures as I am today.

The Obama Administration is attempting to brainwash US citizens into thinking that it NEEDS the government in order to survive instead of teaching them to take some initiative and believe in themselves and what they can accomplish.

I am not usually one to speak publicly about my political stance but enough is enough!  The United States of America was founded as a democracy and the Obama Administration is driving us toward Socialism day by day.

Greece is paying the price for relying on the government for everything and there are others on their way to ruin as well.

Ask yourself one question before you vote on November 6th:  Do you want the US to be the next Greece?

President Obama must be a one-term president for the sake of our children.

Love, live, ride, and don’t be afraid to learn how to fish!



One comment on “Learning How to Fish

  1. The US highways system is socialism. Single-payer heathcare is Socialism. Medicare is a limited socialist program, although some parts of it have been privatized (the part that is putting the whole thing in debt). Socialism means all citizens pay in and we collectively bargain as a whole nation. Nationalize the banks, the natural resources, etc. We no longer do that stuff in the USA. We could never build another US highways system, because we don’t do socialism anymore. Increasingly we are privatizing road projects, with tolls, etc. Obama’s proposals, like the Afordable Care Act (which was invented by Mitt Romney, by the way) are simply collective bargaining, which is not the same thing. A group of people can collectively bargain with the insurance giants for a much lower group rate than any one individual could bargain for on an individual basis. This means more people can be insured. It’s cheaper to insure people than to care for uninsured people. It’s privatization with the option of collective bargaining, but you can out of the collective part, so it is not socialism.

    The problem in Europe, and Greece, is that they now have a shared currency, but no unified banking system, and they were financing the Gov’ts with bonds that were backed by bad mortgage debt in the USA, because wall street had lobbied for deregulation of finance. In the US we had the bailouts from the Fed, so things did not get as bad.

    The choice between Obama and Romney is two men who are floating all the exact same policies and legislation. Romneycare became Obamacare, but it’s the same legislation. And it’s a good idea. But if you understand why it’s a good idea, you’d understand a broader socialist nationalization program would be an even better idea, but that is not what either of them are proposing. What do you like better, tolls, or freeways?

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