How Do You BOSU?


The acronym BOSU stands for Both Sides Up meaning that this piece of exercise equipment was designed to be used with either side up. Sounds pretty simple, but exactly what do you do with it once you decide on which side goes up?

The BOSU was originally invented to help improve core stability and alignment of the spine according to the manufacturer at If you have never used a BOSU get ready for a new dimension in exercise. There are many common exercises that take on a whole new level of difficulty once the BOSU is brought into the picture.

Take, for instance, a basic pushup. Easy enough to do when your hands are firmly planted on the floor, but not so easy to do when your hands are on opposite edges of the platform as pictured below. In order to do the pushup with good form, your core has to work to keep you steady as you go through the movement. Trust me, pushups will never be the same.

There is a great link here that covers several other exercises that can be done with the BOSU to help engage your core while doing other strength or stability exercises.

The second installment of this series will cover another piece of equipment used for core and stability exercises, the Swiss ball.

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Love, ride, and live.


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