Rolling into the New Year (Part 1)


This is the first post in a two-part series on “Rolling into the New Year”.

Here we are at the beginning of January and it is cold, at least where I am in Wisconsin, so riding outside is out for now.  I could join a health club and go to spinning classes but am short on time as it is.  I do have a Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer which I love but even that, as you know, gets monotonous.

Enter the Rollers

A couple years ago I got a set of rollers from a friend of mine and finally worked up the courage to try them out.  One of my biking friends, a very seasoned rider named John W., gave me three tips:

  • look forward – helps keep you going straight.  If you turn the wheel too much you WILL fall off the rollers.  See this video if you want to see what it looks like.
  • pedal fast – helps keep the bike upright due to centrifugal force.  Enough said, I was not a Physics major.
  • ride in a doorway – if you do start to get off balance you can grab on to the doorway, if needed, to steady yourself.

The workout on rollers is really tremendous and keeps your attention since falling off is no fun.  They are great for interval training as well as very useful for working on high-cadence workouts.  Personally, I like to shift to my biggest gear and go as hard as I can for 30 minutes or so while cranking some good tunes.

Check this video to see how I have progressed.  Just kidding, not really me!

Stay tuned for my next post on using a foam roller which can be a painful, yet effective, way to help with flexibility.

Love, ride, and live.

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  1. RaleighTourist says:

    Love the rollers I have had mine for 5yrs. They are great for improving your form also.

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