Tip of the Day – Have a Shake on Me


Protein shakes are obviously a great source of protein but can also be a great mid-morning snack or even as a meal replacement in a pinch.

Here are a couple of great recipes:

Chocolate Coffee Shake
Mix 2 scoops of Milk Chocolate Protein
1 cup of skim milk
5 ice cubes
1 cup of water
1 spoonful of instant coffee!

Meal Replacement Shake
1 cup dry measure oatmeal, cooked in water and cooled
2 scoops vanilla protein
3 dashes cinnamon
1/8 c sugar free maple syrup
1 tbsp flaxseed oil or natural peanut butter
1.5 cups water or low-fat milk


Love, live, and ride.



  1. chris says:

    That sounds like a interesting shake and I think I might try it out. I’ve never “drank” oatmeal though. 🙂 I started drinking a Spinach-Fruit Smoothie a few weeks ago because of my high cholesterol but now I think I might add some protein to help me with my morning bike commute.

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