Tip of the Day – Duct Tape is my Friend


Bicycle tires are made to withstand a lot of torture and rarely do you have a problem, other than a flat tire.  But every once in a while you unavoidably ride over something and cut your tire.  At this point you have four logical choices:

  1. Change or repair the tube, see article here, ride on, and hope for the best.
  2. Call your wife and have her pick you up; this is embarrassing for a seasoned cyclist.
  3.  Finish the walk home after trying #1 above.
  4. Use duct tape on the inside of the tire to temporarily fix the slice, change your tube, and ride on.
For me #4 is the correct answer here; I keep about a four-inch piece of duct tape with me.  I have also heard of people using a $1 bill or the wrapper from an energy bar.  I still like the duct tape option the best , through, and suggest you throw some in your saddle bag right now so you don’t forget.
Love, ride, and live.

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