My First Triathlon


Well, it has been a long time since I have written anything about cycling but I do have something to report:  I have officially entered my first triathlon!  Yes, I know that I am overweight, have not run significantly for about 30 years, am not a strong swimmer, and have been off the bike for a few years but I figured I needed something to get me motivated!  So, Thursday I officially signed up for the Naperville Sprint Triathlon.

Providing my training goes well, on August 6th I will hopefully be finishing a 400 meter swim, 22km ride and 5k run.  That only gives me about four months to get in shape so I should probably get off the computer and on the bike!

I will be writing about my training experiences leading up to the triathlon and impressions of the event itself, providing I live, once completed.

Check back often and wish me luck!

P.S.  I am VERY open to any constructive opinions regarding training or the event itself.  If you recently completed your first triathlon I would love to know to hear from you about what worked, what didn’t, and if you are planning a second or will never compete again…

Love, live, and ride (and swim and run)!

God Bless!

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