About Cyclist Dad

This site is dedicated to the hard-working family men that are challenged in finding the time to enjoy cycling.  Whether you ride for fun or are part of a weekly group of riders I hope to be able to provide ideas that I have picked up over the years that will help you reach your cycling goals.  I am not a cycling expert, by any means, but have learned a bit along the way through the many relationships I have made through cycling.

I am also a bit of a techie inside and outside of cycling.  If it has a power button and a screen I probably have it, used to own it, or have a plan to acquire it in the near future, with my wife’s blessing of course.

Lastly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ which will undoubtedly influence some of the content found, and not found, within this site.  I live to serve the Lord, my family, and others.

I encourage comments, constructive criticism as well as suggestions and ideas for future postings.  I view this journey as a learning experience as much as a teaching one.

Love, live, and ride.