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Is It Time for a Chain(ge)? Part II


Yesterday’s mission of evaluating and removing our chain was like climbing up Alp d’Huez in your biggest gear.  Today we will be  going down the back side of the mountain so we should just be able to coast.  Remember, though, as I mentioned here, to make sure you pedal during your descent in order to purge the lactic acid from your muscles so you’re not sore tomorrow.

OK, enough of the fluff.  Let’s get to the good stuff.

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Is it Time for a Chain(ge)? Part I


You have trained your heart out every third day, if you’re lucky, for months to get to this point.  The crowd is screaming your name, or maybe that’s just the voices in your head.  You are sprinting down the final straightaway, like a rabbit being chased by a fox, about to claim your first yellow jersey; within a millisecond your dreams evaporate.  The rest of your group pass you by as you slow to a crawl and make the agonizing 50 foot walk to the finish line.

A million questions come to mind as you realize your chain has broken:

  • Did Bryan sabotage my bike?  No, I don’t think so.
  • Am I really strong enough to break my chain?  Definitely not.
  • Should I fire my mechanic?  Oh wait, that’s me!
  • What if only……?

Tip of the Day – Lose 5 Pounds in 24 Hours!


Get food poisoning.

Although it works it is not fun!!!

Love, live, and ride.

How NOT to Fix a Flat Tire


Everyone has their own tricks for changing a flat tire and some are capable of doing it much  faster than others.  At one time or another you have probably struggled while the rest of the group waited for you.  You may have even had someone take over for you so the group could roll sooner.  If you can relate, read on.  If not, go train or go to work or something.

Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, no pun intended, I ran across a great how-to article with the best step by step instructions I have ever seen on tire changing.  All of the credit goes to Fatty at  Thanks Fatty, it was a riot!!

Here you go:  How to Patch a Tube.


Love, ride, and live.

Being a “Blogger”


Today I am on the 11th day of my journey into the blogosphere.  I have gone from an idea in my head to everything you see today including the domain of and everything contained therein.  I may need to write an eBook!

Ever since I started this blog my kids, and wife, have light-heartedly poked fun at me. During many conversations I have heard the words: “are you going to put that on your blog?”  followed by a snicker….

So far it has been very enlightening and I appreciate the guidance that I have been given by other cyclist bloggers, family, and friends.

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