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Survey: Eating on the Move..


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Survey: Should Lance Armstrong Be Stripped of His Tour de France Titles?


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Survey: What Groupset Are You Using?


The allegiance that cyclists have to their cycling equipment is on par with their loyalty to their automobile brand.

Personally, I have tried to be a bit different riding a Kuota Kredo Ultra (see my bicycle survey here) with Campagnolo Chorus components.

What groupset are you running?

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Too Old or Young to Ride?


Like I mentioned in an earlier post I turned 49 this week.  As I thought about that it got me wondering about the age range of my followers.

Please take a few seconds and fill out the survey below.

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Love, live, and ride.


Poll: Are You Just a Rider?


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Survey: What Supplements Are You Taking on a Regular Basis?


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Survey: What Brand of Bike Do You Ride?


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Survey: What Are You Riding?


I am a roadie but have given a lot of thought to trying out other types of cycling.

What are you riding?

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Poll: Which Workout Video Do You Use?


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Survey: Work Out Frequency


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