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The Medicine Man


I remember when I was in grade school and we used to toss the medicine ball to each other in gym class.  I never thought they were good for anything except knocking your friend down when he wasn’t looking!  Fast forward 35 years…

In my third, and final, installment of “Hard to the Core” I wanted to explore yet another ball that can help you strengthen your core and make you better on the bike.  The medicine ball, as pictured above, comes in different weights and sizes, and is a great tool for training.

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How Do You BOSU?

The acronym BOSU stands for Both Sides Up meaning that this piece of exercise equipment was designed to be used with either side up. Sounds pretty simple, but exactly what do you do with it once you decide on which side goes up?

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A Kettle What?

The kettlebell, pictured here, looks like a cannon ball with a handle. They come in various sizes ranging from 5 to 75 pounds with costs from about $10 – $100. If you have never tried training with one you will be surprised what you have been missing.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock

If you’re like me, you are always on a time schedule and there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything you want.

In this article I spoke about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that allows you to get a good workout in about 30 minutes.

What if, on some days, you just don’t have 30 minutes but can spare 20 minutes instead?

I saw a great article that discusses a variation of HIIT that will allow you to get in a decent workout in about 20 minutes.

I thought it was worth the read.   Find the article here.

Love, live, and ride.

Tip of the Day – Stretch Yourself! [Updated]

Most people think that stretching is only something that you should do before or after a workout.  Not so.

A few of the main benefits of stretching are thought to be:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Decreasing the risk of activity-based injuries
I have been stretching in the morning and evening for the past couple of weeks and can feel my right hip loosening up.  I am convinced that this will benefit my riding this season.
It is something, though, you really need to dedicate yourself to.  An ideal time to do stretching is when you are watching TV or just relaxing.

See a great article here: www.mayoclinic.com.

Having a Ball

During the second installment of “Hard to the Core”  I am going to cover another great piece of exercise equipment used for core and stability training.  The Swiss ball, pictured at the left, goes by other names including balance ball, body ball, fitness ball, stability ball, as well as others.

A few general benefits of using a Swiss ball are:

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